Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obligatory Introduction

Hello everyone!

This is Cait. Most people know me on the internet as Anges.  I'm a cosplayer and musician. Right now I live in Chicago IL and go to Columbia College Chicago for music.

I used to live in Texas and go to Community College.  I met a lot of my cosplay friends there, going to conventions there.  I only started cosplaying in February 2010.  
I was big time into Yu-Gi-Oh.  I picked Bakura because it was not to hard.  I was not yet very good at sewing.  I did not know how to make the Millennium Ring so I asked Birde Williams to make it for me. My roommate at the time Nicole took the pictures of this and many others.
I moved to Chicago in January of 2011.  Slowly I have been making new cosplaying friends and having adventures. I have also been able to take costume construction classes threw my college.  The classes have improved my cosplay a lot. 
Riku is one of my most resent cosplays. It is so far the most complicated costume I have ever made.  

Thou I enjoy cosplay my real passion is music.  It is my current field of study.   I Play the piano and the violin as well as sing.  I listen to a wide range of music but my favorite is Opera.  I hope to one day become an Opera singer.  I am a coloratura soprano.  most of my Rep is operatic with a few folk songs and arias.  

That is all for now. 

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